Summer Camp

All scouts in the troop will want to go to summer camp and should plan ahead for this fun time. Many different types of camps are available including aquatic camps, horseback camps, canoeing camps, mountain camps and so forth. Based upon the desires of the boys and the practicality of their choice, the troop reserves space at one of these special Boy Scout camps during the early fall for the upcoming summer, in late June. Currently Troop 570 attends Camp Constantin/Jack Furst Aquatic Base Camp at Possum Kingdom Lake in the last full week of June. It consists of one week, Sunday through Saturday, of light duty camping, with meals provided in a mess hall. The scouts sleep on cots in tents pitched on wooden or concrete pads.

Activities vary depending on the camp, but are always geared to the learning of scout skills, for rank advancement and merit badges. We try to go to camps that have superior counseling staffs so the scouts will gain the most from the instruction there. Camps provide a specialized program for first year campers to orient them to the area and help them pass a large number of rank advancement requirements. Equipment needed for camp varies depending on the camp, but generally will include a cot and a footlocker (instead of a backpack). A list will be provided at the start of the summer.

Typical cost for camps run by the local council is about $225 plus spending money of perhaps $10-$20.