Coming Up: October Campout – Backpacking @ Meisenbach (October 18-20)

Due to a clerical error, we are unable to go to Longhorn Caverns this month and have moved it back to its original January timing. We apologize for this occurring. We are happy to report, however, that the PLC chose Backpacking at Meisenbach for the new campout activity.

If you were previously unable to attend this weekend because of a Friday night commitment, please consider coming out Saturday morning to join the fun. Former Scoutmasters, Mr. Farnsworth and Mr. Conard, are attending our campout and will be driving to camp Saturday morning. They are able to take 6-8 scouts with them. Meet at SCE at 6:15AM and you’ll be at camp in plenty of time to join the backpacking adventure.

Overall plan is: Arrive Friday night. Have group breakfast at camp. Assemble lunch, dinner and breakfast for adventure before hitting the trail. As part of the hiking, you’ll participate in Backyard Bingo Scavenger Hunt, camp set up race and learn about skills to make backpacking more and more fun! Meet back at camp Sunday morning. After Scouts Own Service & TBR; we’ll head out to have pancakes at Friendly’s in Athens (or another good restaurant) before heading home.

You can also sign up using the online form here: