Bouldering / Climbing / Rapelling Campout May 2014


This time around, Troop 570 traversed way out to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve in Oklahoma where we planned to boulder and climb and boulder and climb. It wasn’t all that bad a drive. We left around 6:30 PM and got to the campsite around 11 PM. It was pretty chilly, especially for May. We all set up camp quickly and hit the hay as fast as a horse eating some good hay on a nice heyday. The next morning we ate breakfast, prepared our lunches for later, and set off.


We started with trekking–though in most peoples’ cases it was more like tripping–through a vast field of boulders on Scott Mountain. Some of the boulders were massive, much taller than anyone there. After getting to the summit of Mt. Scott, there was rock climbing and rappelling routes set up for everyone. A few of the adults happily stayed on the sidelines to watch this event. The rules the instructors taught us, and the skills we learned, helped us stay safe and enjoy the campout to the fullest extent. I give it a Gann rating of 5/5. -Jack Gann

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