Group Dynamix Campout February 2014

Another consecutive year of the troop going to Group Dynamix, and although the number was lower than years past, it was a blast. We all rolled in around 8 o’clock to the vast warehouse district way down Arapaho where Group Dynamix is located. This is a place where groups can come to build leadership and share bonds.

They brought us in and introduced themselves as Francis, the codename for every counselor there. They gave us a short talk over what we were going to do that night, including rock climbing, inflatables, games and more. We all went into the large room, where we saw the mountain of beanbags and the ropes of climbing. The counselors first had us do some group games, starting off with the “I’m awesome and you’re awesome too if you “blah blah blah” where everyone would change beanbags if you were included in the awesomeness. We then played foxtail where only the older scouts had a chance, the younger ones all got out so quickly.

After the games we had a short break before starting the climbing instructions, learning how to put on and use the harnesses. Everyone paired up and continued to climb the walls like monkeys on a safari for the next hour or so. After everyone was tired from the climbing and that time was up, we went in the bounce houses or played gladiator and boxed with large punching gloves; or we could play bow and arrow with the soft tips and get hit in the head like I did. Most of the little ones passed out before the end of the night, leaving it a nice and relaxing night for a lot of us. I give it a 3/5 Gann rating. -Jack Gann

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