Sailing Campout January 2014

For the first campout of the spring season, hosted by the University of North Texas Sailing Club, Troop 570 went out to Lake Ray Roberts State Park in Pilot Point, TX and Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club in Oak Point, TX. We left Spring Creek Elementary at around 6:30 PM and arrived at our destination at around 8 PM.

Texas was still in its little cold phase, so everyone cozied up as soon as we got to the campsite, which was pretty desert like. There was lots of tall grass that looked like tumbleweeds here and there. There were not many trees, but they still poked up here and there. Lots of sand; a lot of sand.

We woke up bright and early, made some quick breakfast and headed down to the Yacht Club, where our sailboats were located. The sailing was amazing; the sun was out, wind blowing in our hair, water splashing up on us. It didn’t take long for most people to get the sailing skills down, and some of us had already had plenty of sailing experience. After a long first day of sailing we all headed back to camp for the usual dinner, show and cracker barrel. I give it a Gann rating of 4/5. -Jack Gann

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