Horseback Riding Campout

We got to Rancha La Rosa Friday night. About 20+ scouts attended. We set up our tents and rain fly and went to bed. The next morning we woke up, made breakfast, and went to the main part of the ranch to clean the trash, scrap metal, and other junk off the ground. When we were done we made lunch and hung out for about four hours. Then we went to the stables to learn about how to care for and ride a horse. Scouts were also given the opportunity to start the horse merit badge. After the orientation was over we separated into three groups. The first group went to ride the trail and the other two went to prepare dinner. The riding was probably the most memorable part. When all the groups were done riding we packed all the chuck boxes away and walked back to camp. Some of us stayed up for a bit before going to sleep. The next morning we made a quick breakfast and packed up camp. Then we had Scouts Own. When we were finished we got into the cars and left.

horsebackriding2-sept2013 horsebackriding1-sept2013