Camporee March 2013

Camporee Mar 2013

March 22-24, 2013
By Nicholas Chatto

Camporee was a fun and exciting event for all Boy Scouts. It may have rained and been a little chilly, but we didn’t allow the bad weather to dampen our moods.

We headed out from Spring Creek at around 7:15 pm on March 22, 2013 and arrived at Camp James Ray in Pottsboro, TX at approximately 9:00 pm. We set up tents and rain flies and went to bed, waiting anxiously for the sound of rain. Everybody woke up, and just as we were about to leave for the day full of challenges, it began to sprinkle. An hour later, things got worse and it began to pour. We went on through the day having being soaked from head to foot, but still determined to have fun.

There were many events and games, such as rifle shooting and archery as well as several mini games, such as “What would you do if…” and “Catch the Cone” (catching a cone with a fishing rod). Most of the scouts enjoyed rifle
shooting and archery and others especially enjoyed the mini games. The next day, we walked over to the awards ceremony. Although we did not win any awards, we had an awesome time at Camporee!

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