Advancement Process

After a Scout has completed all the requirements for any rank from Tenderfoot through Life, his progress is reviewed in three stages.  A Scout is required to complete all three stages:

  1. Skills Review
  2. Scoutmaster Conference
  3. Board of Review


Skills Review

  1. Scout should contact the Scoutmaster to request a Skills Review.
  2. Persons eligible to perform a Skills Review based upon rank include:
    • Scout to First Class: A Scout above First Class and Adults are eligible.
    • Star and above rank: Any properly prepared Adult Leader is eligible.
  3. The Scoutmaster will recommend the right person needed to do the Skills Review.
  4. The Scout should contact the person recommended by the Scoutmaster and schedule the Skills Review at a time that permits the use of adequate tools, along with proper review and evaluation for both the Committee member and the Scout for his appropriate rank.
  5. The Skills Review can cover a review of skills from the rank of Scout to the current rank that the Scout is trying to complete.
  6. Suggested lengths of Skills Review by rank should be:
    • Tenderfoot through First Class: (20 minutes to 1 hour)
    • Star through Life: (2 to 3 hours)
    • Eagle: (3+ hours)
  7. The Person performing Skills Review should record in Scouts handbook at the bottom of the rank requirement page on “who” performed the review and the “date” of the review.


Scoutmaster Conference

  1. After completing a Skills Review, the Scout should contact the Scoutmaster to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference.
  2. This conference is an opportunity for a Scoutmaster to discuss with each Scout his activity in the troop and his understanding and practice of the ideals of Scouting.
  3. Suggested length of a Scoutmaster Conference is 15 to 30 minutes.
  4. Upon completion of the Scoutmaster Conference, the Scoutmaster records their “initials” and “date” within the Scouts handbook to complete the rank requirement that the Scout took part in a Scoutmaster conference.
  5. Upon completion of the Scoutmaster Conference, the Scout should contact the Advancement Chairperson to report the completed Scoutmaster Conference.
  6. The Advancement Chairperson or Board of Review Coordinator will make every reasonable effort to schedule a Board of Review with the Scout at a Troop Meeting before the next scheduled Court of Honor.


Board of Review

  1. Three “Board of Review” meetings will be conducted in the Fall, Winter, and Spring during Monday night Troop Meetings defined on the Troops annual schedule.
  2. For all ranks (except Eagle), the Scout will appear before a Board of Review composed of three to six members of the Troop Committee organized by the Board of Review Coordinator.
  3. Adult participants in a Board of Review must keep these objectives in mind:
    • Ensure the Scout has completed requirements for the rank
    • Evaluate the experience the Scout is having within the Troop
    • Encourage the Scout to progress further
  4. The Scout should be prepared to recite one or more of the following:
    • Scout Motto
    • Scout Slogan
    • Scout Law
    • Scout Oath
    • Outdoor Code
  5. For Tenderfoot and Second Class ranks, typically just the Scout Oath and Law are requested.
  6. The board members should ask appropriate questions of the scout that would allow the Scout to speak about his opinions, experiences, activities, and accomplishments.  The Scout’s opinions and feedback are to be held in confidence from other Scouts, unless otherwise noted.  This information is only to be used for betterment and improvement in Troop events and activities.
  7. A Board of Review should take 15 to 30 minutes, depending on rank and any questions the Scout may have for the Board.
  8. At the end of the review, the Scout should be asked to leave while the board members discuss his qualifications. Then they will call the Scout back to tell him that he is qualified for his new rank, or to outline very clearly what more he must do in order to complete the rank requirements.
  9. The Scout is recognized for their advancement at the Troop’s proceeding scheduled Court on Honor typically scheduled at the next Troop Meeting.
  10. The Special Events Chairperson will coordinate with other Committee members the preparation for the Court of Honor ceremony to recognize the Scout’s advancement.


Merit Badge Blue Cards

  1. Decide on a merit badge either from the list in your scout book or
  2. Request a Blue Card from the Scoutmaster to start the merit badge. Requirements cannot be started on / completed prior to obtaining a Blue Card.
  3. Scoutmaster will help identify a counselor from the Troop list of MB Counselors.
  4. When requirements have been completed:
    1. a. Have the Counselor Sign the Merit Badge and keep their portion of the Card.
    2. b. Have the Scoutmaster sign the completed card.
    3. c. Turn in the remainder of the card to the Troop Advancement Chairman.
    4. d. Retain the last of the 3 parts of the Blue Card for your records.