Troop-centric Activities Suspended Through April

Updated Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Dear Scouts, Scouters and Parents of Troop 570,

We take the safety of our Scouts as paramount importance. As such, we are taking action to protect our Scouts and their families.

We are continuing the suspension of all Troop-centric activities through April. This means no Monday Troop meetings and no April campout.

We are paying close attention to if and how the current health concerns relative to COVID-19 may or may not effect Summer Camp @ Constantin (June 21-27) or the two high adventure trips scheduled for this June and late July.

In the meantime…all other Scouting activities relative to individual rank advancement and/or merit badge completion will continue to move forward. There are many rank requirements from Scout to First Class that don’t require Troop meetings or campouts to complete. It’s as simple as opening your Scout Handbook and taking time to work through them.

For Scouts who are 1st Class or above, many of you have partial merit badges you could be working on to complete. And for all you Life Rank Scouts, this would be a good time for you to put some thought into your Eagle Project ( Eagle workbook here).

Parents, you have access to your Scouts progress towards rank advancement and merit badge completion via If you aren’t already linked to their account, text me or Bobby Davis and we’ll resend the link to get connected. Check your spam/junk folder or look deep into your email inbox now. There’s probably an email that’s been waiting for you. I encourage you and your scout to review the outstanding requirements needed to complete a rank or a merit badge and make a plan to work through them.

For parents of scouts who just crossed over, you will have access to Scoutbook once we complete the registration process.

To All Trail-to-First-Class (TFCs) Scouts
Mr. Davis will be following up with a detailed work plan on how the 1st and 2nd year TFCs will continue to work towards rank requirements. This work plan will entail a combination of e-learning and small group collaboration. Stay tuned for more details and next steps directly from Mr. Davis. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out to him at or (214) 914-6244.

To All Other Scouts
We have a team of merit badge counselors ready to assist you across an extensive list of merit badges (click/tap here for merit badge listclick/tap here for counselor contact information).

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, the following adult leaders are standing by to support all non-TFC scouts to complete rank requirements. The support may include working with your scout to develop a plan to tackle specific requirements and/or reviewing knowledge to sign off on requirements.

Mr. Kopel –, (214) 769-3417
Mr. Gewax –, (214) 728-1761
Mr. McConville –, (214) 773-0848
Mr. Farnsworth –, (214) 674-4662
Mr. Hamlin –, (214) 686-0904
Mr. Spraggins –, (214) 616-8750
Mrs. DiGennaro –, (214) 537-9549
Mr. Dodgen –, (972) 333-1904
Mr. Berry –, (469) 831-8292

Click/tap this link to see the outstanding (non-camping) requirements your scout could be working on

It’s up to Scouts to take the next step and proactively reach out to one of the leaders above for support. Adult leaders will work with your scout to determine the best way to ‘meet’ to work through requirements.

Be patient, be smart, be safe and most importantly BE PREPARED!